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Mike Hammond Do BSc Neck & back pain

As an holistic therapy, Osteopathy doesn’t just examine the area where the symptoms occur, it looks at other parts of the body that can cause or affect the symptoms.

Back & Neck pain

Leg pain may be a result of a lower back problem, even in the absence of any pain in that area. Your neck can be the cause of pain in your head or arms and can even affect your lower back.

The body works as a unit, so poor mechanical function in one area of the spine can increase mechanical strain in other areas.

Arthritic pain

Pain in joints affected by Osteoarthritis, in any part of the body can often be helped by Osteopathy.

It can also be eased by advice on improving your posture when seated, driving or working. This can help reduce stiffness, improve mobility and can enhance your quality of life.